Hi I’m Éric and I teach Kundalini Yoga

I’m a K.R.I. Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher located in Berlin.

Close-up Self Portrait

For me Kundalini Yoga is about the constant excitement of (re)discovering the infinite within ourselves. It’s about giving us practical tools to allow ourselves to open up, to expand and to experience our full potential.

It is a very complete and diverse practice of moving the body, breathing, chanting and meditating. It’s a great workout for the body but also a great workout for the mind and the heart.

In Kundalini Yoga classes you can expect physical postures, pranayama, partner exercises, chanting, and meditation. By aligning our bodies, our breaths, and our minds we can reach a greater understanding of ourselves and of others.

Ultimately this practice teaches us to open up and not freak out. It prepares us for the Real Yoga Set: the one that is just outside of the studio, in the streets, at work, with friends, with lovers, with our family, etc.

So find out more about how I teach and, where you can find me. And if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Image Credits: “Praana Praanee Pranayam”