Kundalini Yoga

Éric laughing
Éric's left arm extended, hand in gyan mudra
at Ness festival
at Stretch festival

I discovered Kundalini Yoga a few years ago and very quickly felt the transformative powers of this technology.

Kundalini Yoga for me is about the constant excitement of (re)discovering the infinite within you. It's about giving you tools to allow yourself to open up, expand, and experience your full potential.

My classes are open to everybody regardless of their perceived level, flexibility, or strength. My practice is mindful, spiritual, loving, energetic, and fun.

I give regular classes at Yellow Yoga:

I'm also available for private classes, or for small groups. Here's what I offer:

  • helping you come into a correct alignment for your postures
  • using the breath to change your experience of the moment
  • connecting with mantras, chanting, and meditations
  • learning how to read the Japjī (the Song of the Soul)
  • starting and following-up a 40 days kriya or meditation challenge
  • getting the tools for building a personal practice

You can find more info and news on my Facebook page: Kundalini Yoga with Eric.

Web Development

I'm also a web developer and I build things like:

  • widgets and interactive infographics (playground)
  • web sites using a full CMS or simple template engine
  • custom web applications

I use the latest web technologies so what I craft is fully responsive and works on all (modern) devices. Javascript (and its many cousins) is always a lot of fun for me to work with.

I put a strong focus on user experience. Every type of device has its intrisinc features and constraints and they will frame how users engage with content. These make for exciting challenges.

A few keywords:

  • front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery...
  • graphic suites: Paper.js, SVG.js, Two.js...
  • frameworks: UIkit, Foundation, Bootstrap...
  • CMS: Wordpress, Joomla
  • back-end: PHP, *nix administration

I often work with my friends at Bananenbiegerei.

Ask me more details about past projects if you're interested.


Éric Leclercq <> (+49 175 167 8373)

I look forward to hearing from you.