About Me

I was born in Germany and have travelled and lived in a lot of different places. Berlin has been home for me since 2011.

I studied Computer Science and worked as an IT engineer for a decade in a few big companies in Europe.

I once randomly stepped in a studio for my first yoga class and ended up crying during Shavasana.

As I started to practice yoga more intensively I felt a very strong calling towards Kundalini Yoga. Growing in the practice brought about some big changes in my life.

I eventually decided to train to become a teacher and share my enthusiasm of this amazing practice with others.

I sees the scientific and the spiritual as wonderful tools that complete each other, helping us give meaning to the world.

For me Kundalini yoga is about the constant excitement of (re)discovering the infinite within ourselves. It’s about giving us practical tools to allow ourselves to open up, to expand and to experience our full potential.

It is a very complete and diverse practice of moving the body, breathing, chanting and meditating. It’s a great workout for the body but also a great workout for the mind and the heart.

My classes are open to everybody regardless of their perceived level, flexibility or strength.

My practice is mindful, spiritual, loving, energetic and fun.