How I Teach


I strive to make Kundalini Yoga an accessible, fun, and transformative experience. I share these teachings with a lot of enthusiasm in a non-dogmatic way.

My classes aim to help you connect to these qualities:

Spiritual & Fun
Strong & Tender
Witnessing & Immersed
Surrendering & Inquisitive

Teacher Manifesto

Here’s the philosophy that guides me when I teach, interact with students, and when I practice on my own. I jokingly call this my Kundalini Punk Manifesto

I teach Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). I honor his role in bringing this practice to the West and inspiring generations of students and teachers.

I teach what I relate to. What I practice and have experienced. What I can transmit with enthusiasm and authenticity with my own words.

I set aside what I don’t relate to for now, and I’m ready to reassess that at some point later.

Teachings are ever evolving human creations, they are not pure and they are not immutable. There are many layers to them and many ways to embody and transmit them.

Every teacher has their struggles and their flaws, however great and experienced they are. Every teacher comes with their potential for uplifting but also for abuse. Take what you need from your teachers and leave the rest behind.

I aim to demystify the teachers and demystify the teachings.

I’m open to other traditions and teachers, but I don’t mix everything up.

I try to always keep my ego and agenda in check.

I believe that asking questions is absolutely crucial: why? how? what if?… And it’s also fine to sometimes not have any answers.

I strive to take down old power structures: mystifications, shady scientific explanations, highly normative and restrictive views of the world… I do not use normative and restrictive terms to describe energetic polarities and archetypes.

I treat all of my students equally and not push any roles or expectations onto them. I also acknowledge that every student is different, in their body, their mind, and their own practice.

I embrace the experience of otherness as a means of awakening and liberation.

I create a space where every student can hopefully feel safe and supported.

I stay aware of the blurry line between genuine interest and cultural appropriation.

I remind my students to stay curious, playful, and kind. To practice with dedication, to practice with care, to practice self-care.

My classes are open to everybody regardless of their perceived level, flexibility or strength.

I stay open to feedback from my students and my peers. I welcome any opportunity for growth.

My practice is mindful, spiritual, loving, energetic, and fun.

Last update: 30.01.2020

This is obviously a constant work in progress, and will be regularly updated. My initial inspiration comes from this article: “What it means to hold space for people” as well as an ongoing work on my resistance and frustrations with the orthodoxy or dogmatism that is sometimes present in the Kundalini Yoga world.