How I Teach


I strive to make Kundalini Yoga an accessible, fun, and transformative experience. I share these teachings with a lot of enthusiasm in a non-dogmatic way.

My classes aim to help you connect to these qualities:

Strong & Tender

Spiritual & Fun

Witnessing & Immersed

Teacher Manifesto

Here’s my Teacher Manifesto. This is the philosophy that guides me when I teach, interact with students, and when I practice on my own.

I teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and honor his role in bringing this practice to the West and inspiring generations of students and teachers.

I teach what I relate to. What I practice and have experienced. What I can transmit with enthusiasm and authenticity.

I acknowledge that the Teachings are far greater than I am and do not limit the experience of the students to my own experience.

I bring into focus the deep essence of the practice rather than just its form.

I treat all of my students equally and not push any roles or expectations onto them.

I also acknowledge that every student is different, in their body, their mind, and their own practice.

I do not use normative and restrictive terms to describe energetic polarities and archetypes.

I acknowledge and celebrate the diversity in expression of genders and origins.

I create a space where every student can hopefully feel safe and supported.

I remind my students to stay kind and loving in their practice and to take care of themselves.

My classes are open to everybody regardless of their perceived level, flexibility or strength.

My practice is mindful, spiritual, loving, energetic, and fun.


This is obviously a (life-long) work in progress, and will be regularly updated. My initial inspiration comes from this article: “What it means to hold space for people”.

heavy metal mudra

Image Credits: “Praana Praanee Pranayam”